Song Releases

While I'm trying to keep the inspirations coming, releases are unpredictable. Here you will find songs that I have already released or that are pending a near future release. Your can listen directly most of the tracks or click on Smartlinks to listen to them on your favorite digital streaming platform. Don't hesitate to get in contact with me if you like one or some of the tracks and show it by following the artist on your favourite streaming platform.

Released albums and singles

Released : Jun 2024
Released : Oct 2022
Released : Oct 2022
Released : Aug 2022
Released : Jul 2022
Released : Apr 2021
Released : Feb 2021
Released : Feb 2021
Released : Feb 2021
Released : Sep 2020
Released : Sep 2020
Released : Sep 2020
Released : Aug 2020
Released : Jul 2020


Released : Feb 2024
Released : Aug 2023
Released : Jan 2023
Released : Mar 2022
Released : Dec 2020
Released : Nov 2020
Released : Sep 2020

Artist Bio

Inrageous is the name I chose to compose and perform as an independent artist. Born in Romania, lived practically all my adult life in France. I have always had a thing with music : As a child I was singing in school, my first teacher tried to convince my parents to transfer me to a music school but it didn't happen... I always enjoyed singing and was always up for a Karaoke. This thing wit music came back at my in 2019 and I started initiating myself to composing during summer holiday. Then in 2020, I got myself "stuck" with my piano due to the pandemic and it became obvious : I needed to compose. So I did, and two piano ballads came out in a pretty short time. Then I started trying other types of music : Electro Dance, Dancehall/Latin with dance influences, orchestral soundtracks.
I also tried to remix other's songs in some open remix contests which is what helped me grow a lot in producing skills.

I think that collaboration between artists is always a good thing as long as it can bring each other new experience and skills. So I am open to it !

If you have any queries, please send message, and we will be in touch soon